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INCI from the pineapple: Bromelain for skin care with a lasting effect

Anti-inflammatory agent for cosmetics

If your tongue is burning and you have a tingling feeling in your mouth, this is due to too much bromelain. The vegetable protease is a natural enzyme of the pineapple and breaks down protein – this is what you can feel in your mouth. What can be unpleasant when you eat an unripe, sour pineapple – which has a high bromelain content – and are highly sensitive to the substance, is something absolutely desirable in cosmetics as the substance has a strong conditioning and protective effect on the skin.  


Bromelain as an anti-inflammatory ingredient in cosmetics

Bromelain is a natural vegetable protease which we extract from the pineapple in a biotechnological process. Using a gentle extraction method, we obtain an enzyme activity of up to 600,000 U/g with the bromelain (600) which is perceptible in your finished product. Used in cosmetics, the enzyme has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is an efficient exfoliant that removes dead skin cells. In addition to this, bromelain as an active substance in cosmetics helps to brighten your skin and to reduce freckles and brown spots caused by exposure to sunlight. At the same time, the ingredient stimulates cell growth and ensures soft skin.


Bromelain makes a lot more sense in cosmetics than in desserts

By the way, the bromelain contained in the pineapple is also responsible for the fact that curd and other dairy products mixed with the fruit may become bitter and unpalatable – depending on how long the bromelain was allowed to exert its effect. In addition to this, the protease will not shrink from decomposing the proteins of gelatine, something which can make a complete mess of your delicious pineapple tart.

This is why we give you this tip: Rather make use of the bromelain in efficient skin care products than in sophisticated desserts – you can get this cosmetics ingredient from us in the usual high quality at our product.


INCI aus der Ananas: Bromelain pflegt die Haut nachhaltig

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