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Congratulations to the 20th anniversary

Mrs. Anja Sauer celebrated in summer her 20th anniversary in the companies GfN and Selco.

She started in 2002 as 6 employee in my company.

At first she was responsible for purchasing and procurement. But in the last 10 years she has been more and more involved in the whole EDP in the company. She was significantly responsible for the development and structure of our programs and server landscapes and was intensively responsible for the introduction of the ERP system SAP and the programs ELO (as archiving program) and the intensive use of Microsoft 356.

The companies GfN and Selco grew steadily in the last years, and so far they came through all the crisis (Corona, Ukraine war, energy) very well.

The purchasing department was lead by Mrs. Sauer with 2 other employees, she put together a very effective team as a management, which defies the today's challenges and copes with them successfully.

For 20 years, she has made a valuable contribution to the success of our companies and has surprised us time and again with innovative ideas and creative approaches to solutions. For this, I would like to express my respect and sincere thanks to her on the current occasion.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Sauer from the bottom of my heart for this continuous and so persistent commitment to advance both companies GfN GmbH and Selco GmbH worldwide. My trust in her is boundless, which is why she has been granted power of attorney for both companies.

Mrs. Sauer is absolutely and unconditionally loyal behind the companies and me as management.


For your commitment over the last 20 years I simply say: THANK YOU



 © Marc Fippel Fotografie


Michèle Lindner
Managing Director
GfN GmbH and Selco GmbH