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Premium-quality ingredients for certified natural cosmetics

COSMOS- & NATRUE-compliant ingredients for manufacturers

The most important thing as regards natural cosmetics products is the trust consumers place in the certified ingredients. Officially recognised labels such as NATRUE and COSMOS make premium-quality naturalness and sustainability visible for everyone at first sight.  In our portfolio, we offer a great number of highly efficient natural substances for your innovative certified natural cosmetics.


NATRUE-compliant ingredients – natural, nature-identical and close to nature

NATRUE-certified cosmetics must exclusively contain components that are natural, nature-identical and close to nature. »Natural« ingredients include, for example, honey or milk as well as any vegetable, inorganic-mineral and purely physically obtained substances. »Close-to-nature« components allow ingredients which are gained in chemical reaction processes but must be based exclusively on natural raw materials. Cosmetics with close-to-nature active agents will only receive a NATRUE certification if the desired function cannot be achieved through the use of natural ingredients. In case nature does not offer a substance in the required quantity or quality, certain amounts of this substance may be added as a »nature-identical« component. When natural cosmetics bear the NATRUE label, buyers can be sure that the product contains neither artificial ingredients nor products gained from dead vertebrates. In addition to this, NATRUE-compliant ingredients are developed and produced without being tested on animals.

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COSMOS-compliant active agents – sustainable, plastic-free and respecting the welfare of animals

A total of five international certification organisations are involved in the COSMOS standard, i.e. BDIH (Germany), ICEA (Italy), Soil Association (United Kingdom) as well as Ecocert and Cosmebio (France). This ensures compliance with the standard in 60 countries. To be awarded the COSMOS ORGANIC certification, a product has to fulfil all standards: The ingredients must be gained in an environmentally friendly way, take account of animal welfare, active agents gained through physical and chemical processes must be of a vegetable, animal or micro-biological origin and the packaging of the products has to be made of recycled materials, reduced to a minimum and recyclable. At least 20% of the product must be of organic quality while the COSMOS NATURAL label allows a lower content. COSMOS CERTIFIED is awarded to products which contain certain active agents with an organic proportion and COSMOS APPROVED summarises products whose ingredients are not certified as organic but still meet the requirements of the COSMOS standards.  

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Premium-quality ingredients for certified natural cosmetics

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