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Deep-pore skin care: Hops extract against rosacea

Effectiveness at the highest stage with ViaPure® Hops

As nice as some aspects of the winter season may be: The cold of the winter means particular stress for the skin time and again. When the skin barrier is intact, intensive care usually provides optimum protection, but some skin diseases can cause partly serious problems. For example, rosacea, an inflammatory skin disease, makes life difficult for those affected, especially in the event of temperature variations. The main cause is the change between cold outdoor air and warm indoor air.  But a targeted care that supports the skin can noticeably relieve the symptoms.   


Anti-inflammatory agents for deep-pore skin care

Someone who has already been affected by dermatological conditions knows the problem: Daily skin care must be carried out very consciously with carefully selected products to sensibly protect the affected skin and not to damage it even more. Some plant extracts have proved highly successful for this, such as hops extract. It is perfectly suitable for atopic, highly sensitive, irritated and chronically inflamed skin and spider veins as well as rings under the eyes. Its soothing and anti-inflammatory character make hops extract a popular ingredient of rosacea creams. With ViaPure® Hops we offer a premium-quality hops extract – obtained from the seed cones of the common hop (Humulus lupulus).


Premium-quality WinterCream against rosacea

We have developed our formulation No. 63 (E010_1605 Light Face Cream against Rosacea, O/W) with the help of the ViaPure® Hops extract and some other proven ingredients, such as konjac mannan, mangosteen or hyaluronic acid. The rich cream against rosacea stands out due to its anti-inflammatory effect while providing optimal moisturisation, which makes its suitable for intensive skin care in winter. You can get the complete formulation of our » Light Cream against Rosacea perfume free, O/W« as a PDF download.

You can buy the pure ViaPure® Hops extract from our shop.


Deep-pore skin care: Hops extract against rosacea

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