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Oeko-Test examines 16 different lip glosses

Convincing natural cosmetics without critical ingredients

The experts form the German Oeko-Test magazine recently tested sixteen different lip glosses, one third of which failed the test. Only the composition of the products was tested and all conventional lip glosses were found to contain paraffin or paraffin-like substances. Some lip glosses even contained other critical ingredients and their test results – expressed in German school grades – ranged between “sufficient” and “unsatisfactory” – a consistently poor result.      


Lip gloss on a castor-oil basis – Recommended for natural cosmetics

Besides petroleum derivatives such as paraffin, some conventional lip glosses also contained the critical preservative propyl paraben, the disputed colourants tartrazine and orange yellow S as well as potentially carcinogenic mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). The natural cosmetics lip glosses tested, however, use castor oil as a basis and do not need any critical additives. The high quality of the certified natural cosmetics products is reflected in the Oeko-Test ranking: All natural lip glosses tested obtained the grade “very good” and can be recommended as a true alternative to conventional cosmetics.


Growing awareness for natural products

In general, there has been an ongoing trend to use natural, sustainable products for quite a few years now and it shows that this market segment keeps growing. In particular, natural cosmetics benefit from this trend as well and currently show a stable growth rate of 5%. Premium-quality ingredients are a must for companies to be able to benefit from this trend in the long term and to develop effective products. As an experienced manufacturer and supplier for the cosmetics industry world-wide, we’ll be happy to support you with valuable ingredients made in Germany to the highest quality standards.


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Oeko-Test examines 16 different lip glosses
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