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From the nude lipstick to the cleansing oil with vitamin E

Best-selling beauty products in 2019

It is not only the ingredients that are interesting for cosmetics manufacturers but also the finished products which ultimately convince customers and become best-sellers.  Last year’s cosmetics market was characterised by a number of novelties but also by traditional cosmetics that were all the hype. Below you will find an overview of some of the best-selling beauty products in 2019. 


Nude lipstick – a classic revisited

As it seems, a discreet make-up in unobtrusive natural colours was especially popular last year. The trend to make your make-up look as if you weren’t wearing any raised the nude-look lipstick up to the top ranks of best-selling cosmetics.


Peeling powder – with salicylic acid and rice enzymes

The thorough cleansing of the face before putting on any make-up is essential. This is why it’s small wonder that a peeling ranges among the top sellers.  But number four of the best-selling beauty products is a powder peeling which is turned into a cream by the addition of water immediately before its use. The salicylic acid and rice enzymes contained in this cosmetic product ensure especially good skin care.  


Mascara – promises length and volume

A long- and best-selling beauty product with extremely high sales in 2019 as well: mascara. What was particularly noticeable as regards last year’s best-selling mascara products was their price, because it was rather in the lower ranges. Customers obviously found a favourable price-performance especially important.


Day cream – the daily companion

It may be hard to believe, but one of the top beauty bestsellers is no cosmetic product with exotic agents but – as unspectacular as it is convincing – a proven classic:  the good old day cream which does not promise anything more than thorough moisturising.  


Cleansing oil – with olive, rosemary and vitamin E

There’s one rather exotic product that did make it into the range of top-selling beauty products in 2019. A certain Japanese cleansing oil, based on olive oil and rosemary oil with the boosting effect of vitamin E, followed in the footsteps of the 2018 trend of Korean skin care products. According to »InStyle«, an American cosmetics magazine, one bottle of the oil was sold every three seconds worldwide in 2019.  


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Vom Nude-Look-Lippenstift bis zum Reinigungsöl mit Vitamin E

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