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Food cosmetics with vitamins and superfood

Retinyl acetate, chia seed extract & grape seed extract

If you ask people what household remedies they would use for special skin or hair care applications, their answers almost always include various kinds of food, such as fruit or vegetables – whether it’s the classical cucumber slices used as a face mask, a raw egg as a hair mask, honey applied to the skin or curd to relieve pain and itching in case of inflammations, insect bites and sunburn.  What makes such household remedies help so reliably are their valuable ingredients whose effect is greatly increased when they are used as an extract or isolate and they are an asset to all kinds of natural cosmetics.  


Vitamins are effective – from the inside and outside

The way vitamins interact also when applied externally is complex and they can achieve significant effects. The fat-soluble vitamin A, for example reduces inflammations of the skin and improves the tear film of the eye. Vitamin A or retinyl acetate contained in dermatological care products is synthesised into “real” vitamin A only inside the body where it reduces sebum production, regenerates UV damaged skin and fosters the growth of cells in order to support the healing of lesions and scars.  These are some of the reasons why vitamin A is a popular agent in body lotions, hand and face creams.

We sell only premium-quality vitamins for use in your cosmetic products, such as our »Vitamin A Acetate« (INCI Retinyl Acetate).


Superfoods in cosmetics – from chia seeds to grape seed extract

Chia seed extract (INCI Salvia Hispanica Seed Oil) is rich in valuable fatty acids and an excellent moisturiser. Being rich in omega 3 fatty acids, α-linolenic acid (ALA), omega 6 and linolenic acid (LA), the seeds ensure unique care and protection of the skin.

You can find our HyVia™ (Chia Seed Extract) here.


Grape seed extract (INCI Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract) is also an enrichment to products designed for after-sun care, anti-aging and detox effects or the general protection and care of the skin. As an innovative, activated grape seed extract enriched with flavonoids, this ingredient stimulates protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) and has a strong anti-oxidant effect.

You can find our ACTIVITIS™ Activated Grape Seed Extract (INCI Vitis Vinifera Seed Extract) here.


Food cosmetics with vitamins and superfood

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