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Back to the roots – old strengths in a new appearance

Natural cosmetics with tried and tested ingredients

Whether it’s anti-aging cosmetics, deodorants or skin creams: Natural cosmetics are very popular. They used to be sold in specialist shops, but now these products can be found on supermarket shelves as a popular alternative to conventional cosmetics. Natural ingredients proven for centuries have a magic attraction again and are getting ahead of modern ingredient complexes whose composition mostly seems as doubtful as the effect they promise. Simple formulas of natural origin are in increasing demand.


Natural cosmetics with well-known strengths instead of new-fangled risks

If historical sources can be trusted, humans have made use of the healing power of aloe vera for thousands of years. This power did not remain a secret to Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and this is also why Egyptian pharaohs referred to aloe vera as the “Plant of Immortality”.  While Cleopatra used the plant as an elixir for a beautiful, glowing skin, an aloe extract served as a protection against bacteria and fungi for the embalmed pharaohs. Such ancient, tried and tested plants have kept their effect up to the present day and this is why cosmetics manufacturers are following a new, old path: back to the roots.  


Talking about roots – Coleus barbatus root extract

With our product portfolio, we take the phrase “back to the roots” literally, because the concentrated power of nutrients and vital substances lies in the roots of many cultivated plants. As an extract, these roots are perfectly suitable for your natural cosmetic products.  Our extract from the roots of coleus barbatus, the spur flower, contains e.g. at least 97% forskolin which thanks to its effective repair properties renews the protective barrier of the skin and thus lastingly strengthens the skin. In addition to this, the root extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and induces the breakdown of fats in the body by stimulating lipolysis. The glycolene-soluble powder already develops its effect when used sparingly at a concentration between 0.05 to 0.1%.


Weitere Informationen zum Wurzelextrakt ViaPure® Coleus (INCI: Coleus Barbatus Root Extract) finden Sie in unserer Produktübersicht.


Back to the roots – alte Stärken im neuen Gewand

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