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It’s only the scent that is wooden – new formulation for natural beard grooming

The grooming tough guy – natural beard treatment

Whether it’s a full beard, sideburns, a goatee beard or a classical moustache – beards are the latest trend and despite their extreme differences, they have one thing in common: They have to be well-groomed. You cannot only tell from looking at men but the trend is also reflected in the enormous offer of beard-grooming products ranging from beard shampoo to beard oils up to the exotic beard balm. The overall quality of cosmetic products for men naturally depends on their individual components which we have carefully selected for our natural beard-grooming products. The result? The formulation »The grooming tough guy – natural beard treatment«, a beard treatment that is effective and smells really good.


Natural murmuru butter for well-groomed hair that shines and a silky-soft skin

Beeswax and jojoba oil have almost become a standard in beard-grooming products and they also form the sound basis for our formulation. We have completed this basic care with precious ingredients providing ample moisture and important nutrients for the beard hair. This is why we use a classical hair-care product for this purpose: our NATRUE-conforming murumuru butter (deodorised). The natural butter is considered a vegan replacement of silicone, nourishes dry, damaged hair and makes it shine. The effect literally gets under the skin and gives it a silky, soft feeling. More details about murumuru butter (deodorised) (INCI: Astrocaryum Murumuru Seed Butter): 


Sabal serrulata lipophile to fight dry, itching skin

Even though they take good care of their beards, men often complain about itching or dry skin under the beard, especially during the initial growth phase. The fruits of the sabal serenoa palm, a dwarf palm, contain a natural remedy which can both prevent and soothe itchy beards with dry skin. It goes without saying that you can buy the active substance from us as a premium-quality extract. Sabal serrulata lipophile (INCI: Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Tocopherol) including all key data is available at: 


Curcuma longa roots for unique scent and additional skin care

Turmeric, which is sometimes also referred to as yellow ginger, has been used for centuries in the most diverse applications ranging from ayurveda to skin care up to a nutritional supplement. In our beard-grooming formulation, the root extract has an anti-oxidative, soothing effect and its naturally wooden scent quickly charms the user. You can find our NATRUE-certified turmeric (curcuma) oil (CO2) (INCI: Curcuma longa root extract) at: 


You can download the complete formulation of »The grooming tough guy – natural beard treatment« as a PDF-file here


Hölzern ist hier nur der Duft – neue Formulierung für natürliche Bartpflege

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