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Phytosterols made of soya – Active agent for special skin care

Phytosterol Complex 95 % (INCI: Glycine Soya Sterols)

Phytosterols have replaced animal sterols for many years now and range among the first-rate active agents especially for skin-care products. A major advantage of premium-quality phytosterols is that they are gained naturally. This is why the ingredient has become an integral part of vegan cosmetics and is known for its excellent skin-care properties.   


Phytosterols are especially suitable for very dry skin

Phytosterols are structurally similar to the body’s cholesterols and this is why they ensure smooth and soft skin in cosmetic care products. Their positive influence on inflammation cascades and their itch-relieving, antiphlogistic and antiedema effects help to keep up a healthy skin condition. This is why the active agent is perfectly suitable for skin-care products, especially those used for very dry skin.  


Phytosterol Complex 95 % – 100% natural from the soy bean

At Selco, we extract glycine soya sterols exclusively from the soy bean. Manufacturers of cosmetic products receive the ingredient from us under the name of Phytosterol Complex 95 % in the usual high quality: The cream-coloured powder contains stigmasterol, campesterol and at least 40 % ß-sitosterol and is soluble in both oil and fatty alcohols.


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Phytosterols made of soya – Active agent for special skin care

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