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The new minimalism in body care

Lean yet highly effective formulas

The more ingredients there are in a cosmetics product, the higher the risk that some of them result in undesirable side effects or irritation. Some ingredients even have a potentially harmful effect – be it the highly controversial parabens or phthalates which are suspected to cause serious illness in some cases. The list of critical ingredients is long and this is why the trend towards minimalism in body care products is getting stronger and stronger.


Less is more – the new cosmetics awareness

Complex cosmetic products frequently have several dozens of ingredients whose chemical names are a mystery to most consumers, and the actual benefit of some active agents remains in the dark. Preservatives causing skin irritation or PEG emulsifiers, which are normally used in antifreeze, are unfortunately not uncommon. Consumers’ buying behaviour and customer surveys indicate that quite a few users of cosmetic products deliberately avoid such products and specifically choose those with a less complex list of ingredients. The “a lot helps a lot” mentality is being replaced by the idea that less is more.    


High effectiveness despite lean formulas

It is not the number of ingredients that guarantees the effectiveness of a cosmetic product but their quality. Our crosslinked hyaluronic acid powder, for example, does not need any preservatives or stabilisers at all and has an up to 60% anti-wrinkle effect about 30 minutes after the application of the finished product – without any additives. With this ingredient alone, clean products for effective wrinkle reduction with a very short INCI list could be made.


You can find more information about crosslinked hyaluronic acid (INCI: Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer-3) in our product details.


Der neue Minimalismus in der Körperpflege

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