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Quince seed mucilage cools and calms the skin

Cydonia extract 2.5 % NP (Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract)

Despite its exotic home countries, the Cydonian pome – one of the ancient names of the quince – is one of the most popular kinds of fruit in German-speaking countries where most people probably consume it in the form of jam. But the fruit from the Rosacea family has much more to offer than a good taste: it can pamper the skin, mainly with the about 20% mucilage contained in its seeds.  


Quince extract – a relief for stressed skin

Thanks to its cooling and calming properties, quince extract is a popular ingredient of ointments, creams, gels or facial masks used for stressed or chapped skin. The agent is film-forming, hydrating, anti-inflammatory and is used in a pH range from 3 to 12, for example in lip balm used for chapped lips, in after-sun products or to heal sore nipples of breast-feeding mothers.  


Quince extract 2.5 % NP – ECOCERT suitable for natural cosmetics

Our Cydonia extract agent 2.5 % NP (INCI: Pyrus Cydonia Seed Extract) contains at least 0.25 % polysaccharides and is free from preservatives. In addition to this, the water-soluble extract made of 2.5% quince seeds is certified to ECOCERT/COSMOS, which makes it perfectly suitable for use in natural cosmetics.  


You can find the ECOCERT Cydonia Extract 2.5 % NP here on our website.



Quince seed mucilage cools and calms the skin

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