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Highly effective against wrinkles: Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2

A complex of active ingredients for special skin care

It was already last year that we discussed the well-known and highly appreciated anti-aging effect of hyaluronic acid. Our Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2 complex of active ingredients makes use of it as well and takes it one step further: The combination of atelocollagen and hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights develops a synergistic effect for more effective skin care.


Improved hydration of the skin and reduced wrinkle depth

The Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2 skin care complex of active agents significantly optimises the hydration of the skin with a lasting effect and visibly reduces wrinkle depth. The reason for this positive effect is the regulation of the average number of collagen or elastin fibres, which results in a noticeably improved inner structure of the skin. This is why the water-soluble combination of active agents is perfectly suitable for facial masks and daily facial care.

Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2:

- improves the inner structure of the skin

- significantly reduces wrinkle depth

- hydrates the skin with a lasting effect

- boosts the renewal of skin cells

- is also suitable for sensitive skin


Optimal composition of hyaluronic acids and natural atelocollagen

The skin care complex of active agents is composed of hyaluronic acids of high molecular weight, of low molecular weight (LMW, HySilk) and of very low molecular weight (VLMW, HyActive) at various proportions and has a minimum content of 0.5% atelocollagen.  The optimum fine-tuning of our premium-quality active agents gives Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2 its unique effect and makes it a highly valued ingredient of premium-quality, highly efficient facial care worldwide.   


You can find the Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2 skin care complex of active agents (INCI: Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Atelocollagen) and many other premium-quality ingredients for cosmetics in our product catalogue.


Stark gegen Falten: Atecoron Plus® PHE 1.2

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