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Strengthener for the skin – full power ahead into spring

Two active agents to stimulate the immune system

It goes without saying that a suitable strengthener for the skin belongs to a perfect start into spring. Our two active agents CM glucan and Schizophyllan powder have the ideal properties for this. Due to their immunomodulating and/or protective effect, these two ingredients form the solid basis of premium-quality skin-care products which give your customers’ skin full power for the warm season.   


CM glucan – cosmetic agent gained from baker’s yeast

Carboxymethyl glucan (CM glucan) - Na salt gained from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, i.e. the cell walls of ordinary baker’s yeast. As “simple” as that may sound, there’s a real miracle effect behind this polysaccharide. Natural active agents for cosmetics are our great passion and this is why a polysaccharide from a natural product suits us just fine. The powdery CM glucan has an immunomodulating effect, protects the skin against UV radiation, boosts the body’s own defence mechanisms and accelerates wound healing. Its additional nourishing properties make glucan a popular active agent for cosmetics, such as preparations against acne or stress.


Schizophyllan powder – Active agent gained from a fungus

Just like yeast, Schyzophyllum commune is a fungus from whose cell walls we gain our Schizophyllan powder. This powder is a polysaccharide which promotes the improvement of the skin barrier function and hydration. In addition to this, Schizophyllan has a proven anti-wrinkle effect and boosts the immune system. The active agent is known as a reliable radical scavenger and antioxidant, promotes the proliferation of keratinocytes and improves the synthesis of collagen, all of which makes Schizophyllan powder a popular ingredient. With this active agent you can efficiently fight stress and damaged skin.


Stärkung für die Haut – mit Power in den Frühling

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