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Beauty trends 2022 – clean and minimalistic will stay

Skinimalism as the most important development

»Less is more« will continue to be the philosophy of the cosmetics industry. We have emphasised the benefits of »clean beauty« time and again in the past few months, and sustainable minimalism will continue to be the dominating subject.  The new term of Skinimalism has even established itself, in particular as regards skin care. But what is behind it, or rather inside?


Skinimalism as an important trend for skin care

Instead of heavy make-up, thick layers of foundation and various highlighters, it’s a completely different star that’s in the limelight when it comes to perfect skin: naturalness.  It is above all in times of additional stress caused by the obligation to wear a mask that many people no more and no less wish to have a natural skin with a healthy glow. The trendy term of »Skinimalism«, a compound noun made up of »skin« and »minimalism«, summarises what beautiful skin needs, namely few but clean and premium-quality ingredients with a fine-tuned effect. Besides moisturisation, a lifting effect and skin protection, users often underline that a pleasant feeling provided by the skin care products is just as important to them as the nurturing properties themselves. In line with this trend, you can find a separate group of active agents in our portfolio that improve the skin feel. 

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Beauty trends 2022 – clean and minimalistic will stay

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