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Active agent for healthy skin, beautiful hair & strong nails

Turmeric extract – vegetable ingredient for premium quality natural cosmetics

The positive effect food can have on the skin has been known since men and women shocked unexpected visitors with the famous-infamous cucumber mask on their faces. But what may look like a stereotype has a highly effective background, i.e. valuable active agents contained in the plants. Turmeric, a plant of ginger family from South-East Asia, is another powerful source of active agents and is very popular in the kitchen, in health-care treatments and as turmeric extract in natural cosmetics. The essential oil contained in turmeric consists of two unique components: curcumin and turmerone. Curcumin has a sustainable, soothing effect on the immune system and promotes a positive immune response.  


Turmeric extract revives your skin

Turmeric contains valuable ingredients that have an anti-bacterial and anti-swelling effect and stimulate the circulation of the skin. In addition, its high content of natural anti-oxidants protects the skin from premature aging and indirectly prevents the formation of wrinkles. In the cosmetics industry, turmeric extract is a popular ingredient in skin care products for the so-called problem skin which is highly sensitive or susceptible to flushes and blemishes. Curcuma can also help to reduce irritations and provides glow and lustre to the skin.


Premium-quality turmeric extract for hair and nail care

Not only is turmeric extract a popular vegetable ingredient in skin and face care products, but it is also used in hair care products and shampoos for more beautiful hair and is said to have an anti-dandruff effect. As a reliable source of copper, zinc, biotin and essential B vitamins, it supports healthy nails and cuticles. 

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Tumeric Oil (CO2) – Curcuma longa root extract


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Active agent for healthy skin, beautiful hair & strong nails

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