ViaPure® Rice

Highly concentrated rice bran extract (Phytic Acid)

ViaPure® Rice - Highly concentrated rice bran extract (Phytic Acid) © Andreas Steinhauer/

Rice bran and rice bran extracts have been used for many years to improve skin health, ranging from skin brightening and moisturizing to soothing allergic reactions. Rice bran in general consists of many components including oils, steroidal compounds and B-complex vitamins.

Phytic acid has many biological activities, including acting as an anti-oxidant, metal chelator and skin-tone lightener. Additionally, ViaPure® Rice, phytic acid, has been shown to improve desquamation via chemical exfoliation.

 Suitable for: lotions, moisturizers, scrubs.

ViaPure® Rice

Cosmetic benefits

  • dried water extract of rice bran
  • contains min. 90 % phytic acid (known as inositol hexaphosphate, IP6)
  • more effective exfoliator than glycolic acid
  • increase cell turnover
  • desquamation
  • skin-tone lightening
  • antioxidant
  • chelation
  • COSMOS approved
  • NATRUE certified

Product characteristics

Article-Nr. 7282
INCI Oryza Sativa Bran Extract
Appearance, odour

white powder with a typical smell

Solubility water soluble
Use concentration max. 1.0 %
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