History GfN-Selco

Naturally active


 The company GfN was founded in 1983 by Heidrun and Helmut Lindner in Hammelbach near Heidelberg. Already after four years in 1987 the company moved into a newly constructed building which was designed especially for the needs of production. Since that time high-quality natural extracts for cosmetic application are produced here in Wald-Michelbach, right in the middle of the scenic Odenwald-Forest.

In 1987 Mrs. Michéle Lindner joined the company. She cooperated hand in hand with her mother Heidrun Lindner. Since 1996 she has run this highly flexible family-owned company on her own.

At the beginning the production of standard collagen solutions was the main focus of the company. Year by year more and more innovative collagen and elastin products were developed and exported worldwide. Quickly novel plants polysaccharides and other sophisticated active ingredients like the Omega-CH-Activator® were added to product portfolio geared to growth.

Since its foundation GfN expands constantly. In 1992 the cooperation with a Czech company called Contipro a.s. started - one of the world leading producers of hyaluronic acid for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutrition application. That was one of the key factors for the resounding success of the company.

GfN building 1983 and 1989

 Our international active Trading Company Selco was founded in 1997 by Michèle Lindner and Bodo Wilker. The main focus point of this company is the distribution of novel and exclusive active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

Collagen solution GfN Selco

In the meantime a worldwide distribution network has been established and the reliable and faithful cooperation with international high-performance producers is carried on enthusiastically. Nowadays Selco’s partners are companies like Active International in the USA and Contipro a.s. in the Czech Republic or Vital-Chem Zhuhai Co. Ltd. in China, all offering top-quality products.

Selco is a global company and characterized by its constantly growing and expanding cooperation with suppliers and customers in the cosmetic industry.

GfN and Selco are represented by a team of highly motivated experts with specialized knowledge, who are committed to the market’s and the customer’s specific needs especially in the cosmetic industry.

With our specialized knowledge and our experience we support you during the development of new product lines or relaunches. And we would like to help your company to gain more market shares.

Boosting our customer’s success is one of our guidelines as well as reviewing our products continuously regarding market acceptance, to improve the quality of our products and to adapt and enlarge our portfolio according to the growing requirements of the market.

Please do not hesitate to contact us any time and learn more about our products. We seriously take our guideline: „Our experience - Your success! “