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28 products tested: How clean are after-sun cosmetics really?

A natural cosmetics moisturiser convinces

As much as the sun works like balm for the soul, it can rapidly dehydrate the skin and become a real danger in the form of a sunburn. After-sun products are supposed to optimally nourish the skin in precisely such cases and give it the lasting moisture it so much needs. »OEKO-TEST«, the independent magazine, has recently examined how good such products are in doing this and with which ingredients.


Natural moisturiser convinces, some expensive products fail

Out of the 28 after-sun products tested, at least 13 lotions had a very good result, among them many natural cosmetics with clean ingredients. Six partly quite well-known and expensive after-sun cosmetics did not achieve results that were any better than deficient or insufficient and failed the test. What was responsible for the poor rating were ingredients in some products that were classified as critical, such as mineral-oil based artificial paraffins with a potentially hormonal effect and organohalogen compounds or plastics compounds that have a negative environmental impact. The complete test results are available at a charge at


After-sun products with natural moisturisers

Once the sun’s UV rays have damaged the skin, there is unfortunately no cream that can actually heal a sunburn or undo the damage. In fact, what only helps here is protecting the skin by wearing appropriate clothes and using sun screen with adequate UV protection. Moisture is nevertheless essential after you have basked in the sun or got sunburnt in order to prevent the skin from getting dehydrated, to provide symptomatic relief and to promote the skin’s natural healing process. Premium-quality after-sun lotions or gels should be thin-bodied and contain less fat than normal body lotions so that the irritated skin can quickly absorb them in a gentle way. An additional cooling effect ensures the pleasant relief of the typical burning sensation. You can find proven moisturisers such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid or other natural polysaccharides in the portfolio of GfN and Selco. 

You can buy natural ingredients for after-sun lotions and gels as well as for many other products from GfN Selco in the high quality you are used to.


 28 Produkte getestet: Wie clean sind After-Sun-Kosmetika wirklich?

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