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Cosmetics trend: Is black the new pure?

Activated charcoal in cosmetic products for skin cleansing

Cosmetic skincare products are always in great demand; in facial care this is especially true when a cleansing product that is effective and gentle at the same time is asked for. There’s a huge number of ingredients for facial care products, but there are only few among them which besides their manufacture and disposal ensure sustainability in the consumer area as well – such as activated charcoal.


Activated charcoal for skin cleansing has the very latest

Whether it’s creams, face masks or face and body scrubs: For quite a while now, activated charcoal has been the agent of choice for a deep cleansing effect as it is able to absorb bacteria, contaminants, toxins and sebum. Its skin cleaning effect has neither been scientifically proven nor disproved, but this ingredient is associated with quite a bit of romantic idealisation. Small wonder, because these raven-black cosmetic products do make a great optical impression. How great is shown by the current trend of activated charcoal which is highly recommended in social networks and illustrated with a lot of pictures.


Black ingredient for cosmetics as an all-rounder in body care products

Activated charcoal is not only found in skin cleansing products but it is also popular in shampoos and toothpaste as the fine-pored coal is supposed to prevent oily hair and make your teeth even whiter. No one can say when this beauty trend will die away again, but in the meantime the black cosmetic products will delight some people while causing others to criticize them.


You can use activated charcoal for cleansing your skin, but you don’t have to. As usual, you can find premium-quality ingredients for cosmetics that convince by their purity and effectiveness in our range of products. our products


Cosmetics trend: Is black the new pure?
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