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Natural care – the positive properties of rice

Oryza sativa bran extract as an antioxidative complexing agent & exfoliant

Rice on our plates has become commonplace in our part of the world. Rice vinegar, rice wine and rice oil are somewhat more special but nothing unusual either. But rice in our hair and on our skin? Yes, that’s an already widespread use – in body care and protective cosmetics such as creams and shampoos. Why? Here comes the explanation.


Rice agents for hair care and skin protection

The geishas in ancient Japan already knew that the water left from washing rice was much too precious to pour away. Instead, they added it to their bath water for skin care. After their bath, the artists’ hair was much softer, their skin had a smooth texture and, on top of that, was better protected from UV radiation.  Today we know that it was the unsaturated fatty acids, the anti-oxidative ferula acids and lecithin as well as tocopherol (vitamin E) which were responsible for these positive effects. These ingredients are contained in a concentrated form in rice germ oil or rice bran oil which is increasingly used in cosmetic care products.   


Rice germ oil to remove make up and prevent dark circles under the eyes

According to user experience, rice germ oil (often also referred to as rice bran oil) – thanks to its high vitamin E content – is perfect for removing make up, and helps to treat dark circles under the eyes and puffiness as it stimulates blood circulation. In addition to this, some drops of rice germ oil massaged into your skin are said to protect it from aggressive oxidants and harmful UV radiation. As an additive to shampoo, the agents contained in rice are even supposed to prevent the premature development of grey hair. So it’s no wonder that an increasing number of cosmetics manufacturers rely on the natural power of rice.  


Tip: Rice also supplies an excellent natural complexing agent. Our ECOCERT Oryza Sativa Bran Extract (rice bran dry extract) contains at least 90 % phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate or IP6) and as an exfoliant is more effective than glycolic acid. You can find more details here.



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