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A powerful combination of active agents for strong and healthy hair in summer

Omega Hair & Skin revitalises and protects

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the warm sunshine and stay outdoors. But while we make the most of the beautiful weather, we also have to take care of our skin and hair to protect them from the harmful effects of the sun, salt water and other environmental influences. In this respect, the use of premium-quality and natural cosmetic products plays a decisive part. Our Omega Hair & Skin is an active agent that guarantees excellent care during the summer.  


Three basic substances make a strong cosmetics trio

Omega Hair & Skin contains an optimum mixture of amino acids, PCA (pyrrolidine carboxylic acid) and sodium lactate, which offers a lot of advantages in terms of hair care. Here’s a short overview of the ingredients:

Amino acids arginine and proline: In the body, arginine is converted to urea and thus plays an important part in the storage of water. It also supports the function of the skin barrier.  Proline even has the highest water retention capacity of all amino acids and is an essential element of collagen synthesis.

PCA (pyrrolidine carboxylic acid) forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss of the hair and to retain moisture at the same time. In this way, the hair is hydrated, wet hair is easier to comb and feels both softer and silkier.

Sodium lactate is a natural salt that provides moisture and smooths the surface of the hair. It helps to balance the pH value of hair and protect it against environmental damage. Sodium lactate also makes the hair shiny and silky.


Omega Hair & Skin protects and revitalises hair

The combination of amino acids, PCA and sodium lactate has a synergy effect to maximise the benefits for hair care. By strengthening the hair structure, moisture retention and protection against environmental damage, these ingredients can protect the hair against damage caused by heat, styling and other external influences. They improve the health and look of hair, make it softer, smoother and shinier. In addition to this, the combination of active agents can also help to revitalise dry and damaged hair, to reduce split ends and to make hair look healthier on the whole. It is also suitable for the care of coloured hair to maintain the colour for a longer time and minimise fading.


Omega Hair & Skin is the ideal active agent for summer hair care products – As usual, you can find more information at the relevant product page.



Starke Wirkstoffkombi für kräftiges, gesundes Haar im Sommer

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