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Michèles Triathlon 2019

In October 2018 I had the idea to try a middle distance after three successful Olympic triathlons. Middle distance means: 1,9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and about 20 km running.


In February 2019 I visited my first 14-day training camp on Lanzarote. We were coached there by Sonja Tajsich, a professional triathlete who still coaches me today with great success.


After 4 months of training it was finally time. On Sunday the 26th of May 2019 at exactly 8:20 am the starting signal for my first triathlon in the middle distance was given.


After 48 minutes of swimming in a lake and 1.9 kilometers I went slightly wet on the bike course. I had to pass the first time limit after 43 km including swimming and that was 2.40 hours. But thanks to my well trained body I reached the time limit already after 2.20 hours and could slow down the second bike lap. After all, a race average of 25.9 km/h was ingeniously fast for me. I covered the 20.2 km running in a time of 2.20 hours and finished overjoyed but exhausted after 6.35 hours my race.


My boyfriend covered the middle distance in 6.13 hours, which was a great performance for him, because it was also his first middle distance.


All in all a great experience, which we will certainly repeat.

Michèle Lindner