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Discover the future of beauty with smartCrystal®

Innovative technology for sophisticated cosmetic products

Previously unsolvable problems are now smartly solved: with the smartCrystal® technology. At the In-Cosmetics Fair, we are presenting an innovative technology this year which will give you completely new insights into the development of the latest premium-quality dermatological products. Here, we are already giving you a first glimpse. It’s something you just can’t afford to miss!


What exactly stands behind smartCrystal®?

smartCrystal® refers to crystalline cosmetic agents of a submicron size (0.2 to 1 μm). These submicron crystals increase the efficiency and thus also the bio-activity of the active agents used. Thanks to this innovative technology, the solubility of solid agents can be optimised and their penetration effect can be demonstrably improved, which results in increased bio-availability.

smartCrystal® has remarkable properties. In a topical application with smartCrystal®, the concentration of a dissolved active agent is significantly increased, which results in an increased concentration gradient in the formulation and the skin and thus promotes the penetration of the active agent into the skin (improved effectiveness). Any remaining undissolved smartCrystal® particles in the recipe additionally serve as a deposit which constantly replaces already penetrated molecules on the surface of the skin. In this way, the smartCrystal® technology also allows the formulation of innovative applications with a long-term effect.

But some of the dermatologically interesting active agents are hardly soluble in water and/or oil, making them difficult to process for topical applications. Due to their poor solubility, the concentration gradient intended to go into the skin would be very low and thus not be enough for the penetration of the skin to achieve a demonstrable effect.  smartCrystal® now allows the integration of precisely these tricky active agents. As a result, innovative products with outstanding effectiveness can be realised.

Our experts will be pleased to personally explain the mode of action to you in detail at this year’s »In-Cosmetics global« from 16 - 18 April 2024 in Paris.


In-Cosmetics global: A crystal clear perfect decision!

Come and see us at our brand-new exhibition stand and convince yourself of the outstanding properties of smartCrystal®!  And now that you are already here: why not mix your own frothy body mousse with smartCrystal® glabridin in our »Formulation Lab«. Use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this technology at close quarters and to discover its impressive possibilities. Our sly fox is looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you together with our team!

Our first two products, smartCrystal® Resveratrol und smartCrystal® Glabridin, are already available.  Get in touch with us for more detailed information. Further active agents are already being planned.

You can get our formulation planned for the trade fair here as a free PDF document:





 Entdecken Sie die Zukunft der Schönheit mit smartCrystal®

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