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NeuroGlow – holistic beauty for body and mind

Mind-Body-Beauty – in harmony with yourself

Health is the most important thing! But as the new emerging medical research activities in the field of psycho-immunology show, our mental health is directly related to our physical health and both jointly have an influence on how beautiful we look.


What exactly does NeuroGlow mean?

Mental and physical well-being, or the so-called “dopamine beauty”, are becoming increasingly essential, just like alternative medicine, nutritional supplements or the possibilities of active stress reduction.  We are increasingly striving to live a happier and healthier life, and thus a fulfilled life. The right active agents can help to support our natural biorhythm (the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system), fragrances (limbic system), oral health. For cosmetics this means that it is simply no longer enough to focus on an improved look of the skin. NeuoGlow describes a holistic beauty concept that ensures personal well-being.


How you feel is how you look

The innovative concept is not only intended to improve the look itself but rather also a person’s mental and emotional state. It is well known that a mental imbalance has a direct influence on our appearance. Stress, anxiety, inner disquiet result in a dull skin, the formation of wrinkles, dry skin, acne (overproduction of hormones), oily or brittle hair, etc. As our largest organ that fulfils a number of essential duties (protective barrier, metabolic storage organ, part of the immune system), our skin reflects how we feel to the world around us. Psychodermatology and neurocosmetics explicitly deal with the essential connection between our state of mind and the look of our skin and how they influence each other, or how we can proactively control emotions in order to decelerate the aging process.


More than just a beauty routine

And it does have an effect! Scientific studies show that active agents such as green tea extract (EGCG) 90 kt or resveratrol can lower the production of cortisol and thus actively help us to compensate stress. Extracts such as our energising red tourmaline cosmetic powder perfectly round off any holistic beauty concept by naturally making our skin glow in all its beauty thanks to their positive energies.

You can find an A-Z overview of our products on our website. We are sure that you will fill the suitable active agent for your cosmetic products.



 NeuroGlow – ganzheitliche Schönheit für Körper und Geist

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